Hi! I'm Mariana, 26, and am currently based in London, although I'm more than happy to travel around.
I have a Physics degree and half a MSc in it, which I started when I still thought I wanted to stay in academia.
I'm fluent in Portuguese, English, HTML, CSS, Python, Javascript and C#. My German and French are as good as my brainfuck, and I understand Spanish as much as Java and Ruby - I get what it means if I hear or read it, but writing in them requires a dictionary.
I've been photographing and playing with all of Adobe's software since 2005. I've done photography & graphic design work occasionally during university, the latest being product shots for a friend's new jewellery line.

You can reach me anytime at marianabdaraujo at gmail dot com :)


6+ years experience coding in Python, for purposes ranging from numerical analysis, simulations, and automated testing. I know Django and have 1+ year experience using Selenium. I'm currently working in ASP.NET with C#, jQuery and d3.


10 years experience, as a mostly self-taught amateur photographer.


Bachelor in Physics - 2008/2012

Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto; graduated with 16/20

Elite Mastercourse in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics - 2012-2014

Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich - dropped out

Work Experience | Github

Other stuff

Internship at the Albert Einstein Institute

I spent a winter in Potsdam helping develop a method to locate and measure properties of supermassive black hole binaries using gravitational wave data from pulsar timing arrays. You can find the published paper here, or access the pre-print here.

Working student at stylefruits GmbH - 2014-2015

My tasks here included creating and automating tests for the QA team, photo editing, writing lifestyle posts for the magazine, SEO and user support.


I have been blogging for over 10 years. My current blog is Two Twenties, powered by Ghost, for which I create not only the content but have also created the theme myself, using HTML, CSS and jQuery. I used to keep instagblr, an instagram-inspired tumblr blog, but I decided to just move to instagram.

Editor in Chief at Meeting Halfway Magazine - 2013-2016

I managed the entire operation of this online magazine. That entails editing new texts, uploading them, coordinating with our contributors and translation teams to set reasonable deadlines for publishing, recruiting new members, and trying to keep all our volunteers happy and motivated.

Writer for WikiCiências - Casa das Ciências — 2010–2011

I wrote several articles on Physics concepts in Portuguese, aimed at teachers and high-schools students, for WikiCiências, a peer-reviewed scientific wiki founded by Casa das Ciências. I also created the illustrations for them.

Product Photography

I have taken product shots for a new jewellery designer, Katinka in a box. You can also see some of the photos under products.