Weekend in Crete - On the road

Olive trees in Crete

We spent about 4 hours each day driving around the inside of the island, in twirly mountain roads and landscape that looked a lot like Portugal. These photos are from the road we took to get from Sougia to Elafonissi (although some are from the day after, when we left for Balos). There is no direct path from one to the other along the coast, so you have to go up from Sougia to the middle of the island, and back down again to Elafonissi.

Crete mountain road

Village in the mountains, Crete

Cat in Crete

We stopped for breakfast and photos in a random village in the mountains. Turns out it's a not so easy to take photos of the landscape when there's a random cat insisting that you cuddle it. It didn't even let me take a proper picture of it, if I took two steps back it would just start walking towards me again. Best I could do.

Man walking down from a house in the mountain, Crete

Road to Elafonissi

Mountains in Crete