Tropical Butterflies

Blue Morpho butterfly

Two weeks ago we went to the Botanical Garden in Munich again, to see the butterfly exhibit they have every Winter.
Unlike two years ago, this time I came prepared for the fog! I put my cameras and extra lenses in zip lock bags, and waited until they were at the same temperature as the green house before taking them out, to avoid condensation in the lens. It worked! And then, as it must, something else went wrong. I usually have my zoom lens mounted on the analog camera, which I assumed was the case that day, so just packed it without noticing which lens was on it. Big mistake. I ended up with two cameras with the same useless zoom range, plus my 50mm, which sort of saved the day. Sort of. Both camera and lens are getting very very old, and I can definitely notice it in the (lack of) details in the photos... But it will have to do for now, while I save up for that full frame Nikon.

Monarch butterfly cocoons

Above is a terrible photo of two beautiful cocoons. If you look closely you can see they're adorned with some gold spots. They looked like little jewellery pendants! The blue one has a butterfly inside, you can tell by the pattern, which is the same as on the wings of the butterfly below:

Monarch butterfly

But before we even made it close to the butterfly room, which had an unexpected queue (and a long one), we visited the others. They were all very crowded, and no matter how long I waited there was always someone there. I only managed photos of little details from each room, so I guess I'll have to go back on a quieter day.

Strange flowers


Small white flower


Owl butterflies

Owl butterfly