The Breakfast Club, London

Avocado and poached egg toast; fruit and yoghurt glass, The Breakfast Club

Brunch at The Breakfast Club in Angel, also known as that time I remembered to take pictures of the food before eating it. I'm sure it won't happen again.

A warning to the hungry ones: this post is full of pictures of food that looks delicious. Continue at your own risk.

Their website is awesome, the food is awesome, I found a new super cute neighbourhood in London which is awesome, even the expresso, which was way too big for an expresso, was good. The only thing not awesome was the queue, but I guess that's what you get for trying to have brunch on Saturday at 11 with a group of 6.

Not depicted are two apple french toasts I was too close to photograph. Two because as soon as I heard "apple french toast" said out loud all of my indecision was gone. If only I had noticed I could have ordered it as an extra with the blueberry pancakes...

They also have the biggest tabasco bottle ever, and there was more tabasco than ketchup. I didn't ask.

Biggest tabasco bottle ever, The Breakfast Club

Pancakes with cream and berries, The Breakfast Club

Full english, The Breakfast Club

Sandwich, The Breakfast Club

I love before Christ, The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club