this is not the summer I was looking for

Bar do Abismo, maçarocas, biscoitos

The summer I was looking for had more sunny and warm days where all you want to do is to jump in the nearest pool of water and have to stay in the shade all the time, than rainy, cold days with no sunshine in sight. It's not over yet, tho, I'm still hopeful, and it wasn't all bad. I did manage to dive in the sea (for 2 minutes or so...), eat maize from the little place above ("VENDEM-SE MAÇAROCAS"), lots of fish and other sea food, try the wine in the wine museum below, watch a sunset from the plane, and finally make it to the Japanese tea house in the Englischergarten on a weekend it was open.

Museu do Vinho, Biscoitos, Açores

dusk at Lajes, Azores

dusk at Lajes, Azores

sunset from above

japanese tea house, Munich