from Giverny to Vernon

Rue de Falaise, Giverny

We left Monet's gardens around lunch time and used the little booklet they had on the bus to find a place for lunch. After that first week in Paris we completely trust there will always be a nice place with a very affordable lunch menu and great food anywhere in France. Since all the recomended places were within walking distance we picked one that said it was by the water, La Guinguette.

La Guinguette de Giverny

The restaurant is just a small deck by the water stream, all open air, and doesn't have many tables. I don't know how full it is on a weekday, but on Sunday they were all booked so we sat at the "bar" - there's two huge barrels with high seats, I actually liked it. I also grew up in a place where there's no such thing as not waiting at least half an hour for your food in any restaurant, especially in such a nice place as this where I would wait for as long as they made me, but if you're the jumpy type, don't go there when it's crowded, it's not the kind of place where they'll rush to serve you. The food, as always, was great. After lunch, we decided the weather was too good to take the bus and walked back to Vernon.

Entree groupe Jardins Monet

It seemed like the perfect choice, really. Walking through the french countryside, seeing the beautiful houses, each with a beautiful garden

Chemin du Roy, Giverny

the typical french ostriches and lamas (??)

Ostriches, Giverny

Lamas, Giverny

white horses I wasn't allowed to ride
White horses, Giverny

a beautiful tree path

Chemin du Roy, Giverny

and then the shadows ended and we had to walk the rest (most) of the way under the blazing sun, except for the few times a nice cloud would get in the way. It was still worth it, especially when I found a patch of tall grass and flowers on the way and jumped on it - that is what people do when they see tall grass, right?

de Giverny à Vernon

walk from Giverny to Vernon

Not depicted here: the huge scarf I was wearing around my head and shoulders because I didn't bring a hat with me and took off moments before this because a nice cloud appeared, thank you, cloud! Thankfully, I was wearing a dress with an air circulation system (and a brand new handbag from the gift shop by the Royal Tapisserie so I can carry my Nymphéas everywhere, everyday. I did consider the Hermès scarf, but it didn't look good with this dress, maybe next time).

walk from Giverny to Vernon

After a bit more we made it to Vernon, right into yet another flea market, then back to Paris to have ice cream with some friends at Jardin do Luxembourg, and we were in Germany again at 8h the following morning. Couldn't have asked for a better birthday weekend.