jewelry display

Jewellery display

A long time ago I posted a request for ideas of where to look for nice things to store jewelry for our new desk-turned-whiteboard-turned-pretty-things-table during a forced furniture rearrangement. Here's how that quest ended up.

Necklace holder

This piece is the oldest one I have, it's from when I moved to Porto for college and had more necklaces  to hang than forgotten nails on the wooden door between my room and the living room. I discovered these dolls existed then, and got one as a present the birthday after that. It stayed in my room window for 2/3 years before moving with me to Munich. It now holds necklaces that I'm not afraid will rapidly decay by contact with air, since some of them are even older than the doll. The flowers in the background rotate semi-weekly, I usually post them on instagblr.

Necklace holder

Acrylic jewellery display

The acrylic display came with me from a holiday back home, at one of those shops where everything looks like a cute house gift for someone else. It holds most of my earrings, rings, and silver things kept in plastic bags in it's drawer (they tarnish really really quickly, I gave up trying to have them on display).

Acrylic jewellery display

Acrylic jewellery display

Then there's the other earring holder, from the day I discovered a very cute jewelry shop actually sells the displays they use, and cheap too:

Simple earrings hanger

Small jewellery tree

My little gold tree, and cuffs that just stand on the table on their own.

Porcelain ring box

I use these rings almost every day, so when I saw this little box at a street market in Lisbon I knew exactly what to do with it.

Glass dome display for cuffs

The dome was already in other post, from Rossmann. I don't know why, but sometimes they have the nicest things. I also got a beautiful wooden tea tray from them last week. And now for the boxes' side

Glass boxes

The glass one's are a twin set that I found at a home decor shop here. They have a mirrored bottom and one holds gold things, the other big statement necklaces. The white blur with a turquoise thing on top are two boxes from Pandora, one where my bracelet came in (and still is in), the other one from someone else in my family (we all have Pandora things, 2 years of not having to think of birthday nor Christmas presents...), and has a silver necklace with basalt stones. The cute box was a gift from bf, and holds assorted items I love and are years old but I don't wear as often now.

Gold glass box

Pegasus & Tansy glass box

Anthropologie jewellery case

Pandora jewellery case

There are also five necklaces still hanging on my closet door, and some inside the closet, hung by those adhesive hooks around the make-up/hair things/creams shelf. Oh, and the things blocking the view on the very first picture are candles, we love candles. Bf's belts are also on the table, for inclusiveness :) Hope you like it! If you want to know where I got any of these things, just drop a comment/e-mail, I'll try to see it you can get them in your area! I can promise nothing was too expensive, I am still a broke student after all.