Zurich view from ETH

Zurich is very, very pretty. Sadly it seems we were there in the wrong time of the year ("open in Summer" came up a lot when looking for things to do) and with the wrong budget for trying restaurants (by which I mean we don't have a Swiss salary), so walking around the river and lake was all we could do. But this time we were there more to visit friends than sightseeing, so we'll just have to go there again.

The picture above is the view from the terrace in front of the ETH's Maths building, below are some nice places along the lake (that you'll have to imagine how beautiful they'll be in late Spring and Summer when the trees have leaves! or all golden in Autumn). There were also the cutest little shops (no matter what the internet tells you, Bahnhofstrasse is just like any other shopping street with all the same brands, go into the tiny streets around it instead!) that fortunately aren't as expensive as eating.

Zurich park

Zurich lakeside


Zurich lakeside

Graffiti in Zurich


And somehow, we ended up on a boat on the way back to Munich by bus.

Ferry boat in Lake Constance / Bodensee

This lake is bigger than where I grew up, there was even a clear horizon, and by the amount of ferry routes Google Maps shows, it might even be more populated. But it doesn't smell of salt water, it was a bit weird that was the first thing I noticed when I ran up to the deck.

There are more photos on Flickr and instagblr, including graffiti, more very nicely dressed women and our breakfasts. I need a juice machine thing too...