cherry blossoms

stuffing my face in cherry blossoms

They've bloomed! I've been keeping an eye on them for the past week, and finally it was picnic time.

homemade jam

homemade jam by friends of ours, fresh fruit and tea. I dragged bf out of the office for this, so he just kept working in the park

bf’s working face

A very serious working face, you see.

He's also been training his photographic skills, so after a while of watching people doing funny things in order to get pictures of their kids with pink all around, we went for the cliché too. The "lesson" usually involves me taking photos of him to show how to compose the shot and deal with the light or lack of it, and then posing myself.

Unfortunately I'm not a very patient model (or teacher, so he says)

And even more unfortunately, after him complaining for quite sometime that it wouldn't focus, and me discarding it as not a technical problem, it appears that my prime is indeed dying. But it has already lived a long healthy life for an overused 100€ lens, the manual focus still works, so it just needs a little extra love to work while I save up for a new model...

Next up in blooming season for us, the plum three in front of our building!

And I'd love to see/read about how Spring is evolving around you, I need to make up for the garden shortage around here :) More photos of the cherry blossoms on the usual place.