How To Keep Over-the-knee Boots Up

Thigh high, over the knee, whatever height they are, if you ever had a pair you've probably dealt with this problem - unless your legs exactly matched the standard they use to make them, in that case, shopping well done! Good for you. For the rest of us skinny legged people, it's a problem. I found several solutions online, including:

  1. give them back;
  2. double sided tape;
  3. giving them to a pro to fit them to your leg.

1 was definitely not an option, you don't give back perfectly fine black suede boots you found by sheer luck on sales and bought for the price of a pair of ballerinas. They also only start melting down when I'm wearing a long coat that pushes them down. 2 was a major fail. Unless they're already only millimeters away from you leg, don't bother. 3... Y, that's not going to happen, not in Munich. But it's probably your best option if you're not a broke student.

So I ditched the Internet and went with my original idea, sewing an elastic band on them. Unfortunately I underestimated the task of sewing on suede and the amount of leftover fabric on the hems, so I ended up using safety pins instead. In a step by step fashion:

  1. Get an elastic band, preferably in the same colour as your boots;
  2. Cut them a bit larger than the size of the circumference of your leg where you're planning on using them, you might be wrong about where that is (I was, see 5);
  3. Pin it, pin it tight.

how to keep thigh high boots up

  1. Pin it to your boots, in one or two places depending on their shape.

how to keep over the knee boots up

  1. Play around with the locations of the pins, you may want to place the elastic up or down a bit, try it standing up and sitting to see if it shows in either case. Place it too high and it'll show when you sit, too low and the top of your boots will still crawl down awkwardly.

If you're more skilled (or more patient) than me, you can sew everything in place instead. I like having the option of taking them out when I'm wearing them with pants (although I don't foresee wearing pants in a near future, these are much much warmer).

If you try this, let me know how it works for you! And other tips on how to solve this are very welcome :)

And since you're already in the DIY mood, why not try to recycle some old tealights, or turn an old pendant into a statement necklace?