Belleville et Monceau - Paris, Part Five

Rue Denoyez, Belleville

On the last two days there we were taken on a tour of Belleville by a friend of bf, who showed us all the pretty semi-hidden places there, and the day after we had a stroll and lunch at Parc Monceau before leaving for the airport.

We met at the métro station in Belleville and headed to the very colorful Rue Denoyez, pictured above. Then we passed by some of their go-to weekend bars and clubs (which were of course not open at this time of the day), then on to the large and populated Parc de Belleville.

Parc de Belleville

A maze of beautiful narrow streets followed, all brick houses with courtyards, ripe grapes from the vines (very tasty onestoo), flowers and lovely details.

Cobblestone streets, Belleville

They all look like this, narrow cobblestone streets, green gates and vines all over.

Pastel window, Belleville

Private garden, Belleville

Private garden, Belleville

Our friends also took us to Parc de Buttes Chaumont to confirm that something there does look like the Monopteros in Munich's Englischer Garten After a quick stop at a patisserie we were left to walk back to the center, along the Canal St-Martin at dusk.

We decided to spend our last few hours in Paris at Parc Monceau, the morning after. There was a volcano

Volcano at Parc Monceau

Flower seats

Parc Monceau

And people relaxing in the Sun by the Egyptian pyramid (as well as children climbing it)

Parc Monceau

Parc Monceau

And this is the end of what we have to show of Paris, for now. I'm sure there will be more in the future :)

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