melody & hidden skyscapes

A month of summer holidays in Portugal, weddings, preparing for a week in Paris and rediscovering, editing and backup-ing old photos instead of going through the recent ones.

here's an old favourite, Melody Gardot singing beautifully at Casa da Música, Porto, in 2010.

Melody Gardot, Casa da Música, Porto

and more of Portugal from 2009/2010


Palácio da Pena, Sintra, Portugal


Nazaré, Portugal

Terceira, Açores

Terceira, Açores, Portugal

I assure you all the places look much nicer than the photos, especially in the Summer. They're all far apart but share the characteristic of having an annoyingly unpredictable microclimate (notice how Nazaré is all greyish, it was covered in menacing clouds).