Botanischer Garten

Turtles at Munich's Botanical Gardens

If you're around Munich until March 17th, there's a special exhibition of tropical butterflies at the München-Nymphemburg Botanischer Garten. The exhibit is in the glasshouse of the garden, which has several rooms with different habitats/plants. One of them is filled with beautiful butterflies, caterpillars, cocoons (if you're lucky and watch closely you might even see a butterfly starting to come out, or at least a cocoon moving a lot like I did) and people with very nice tripods and macro lenses.

Sadly, I'm not one of those people, and all my butterfly close ups taken with my Canon 18-55mm kit lens turned out very crappy even though it was a sunny day and the light was fairly good. You should also be warned that in some rooms of the glasshouse the air will be warm and VERY humid, so expect all your lenses to immediately fog up and prevent any cute turtle pictures (and possibly screw up your gear a little in the process, be careful).

But enough chatting, here's a butterfly

Tropical Butterflies at Munich's Botanical Gardens

They're free to fly around the room, so they will probably land on you at some point. There was one owl butterfly that had a thing for landing on the back of people's knees and staying there, because jeans look so much like trees?

There was also a Cacti room,

Cacti room, Munich's Botanical Gardens

This very cute plant with yellow flowers of sorts,

Yellow flowers, Munich's Botanical Gardens

And me trying to catch invisible flies (they were there!).

Munich's Botanical Gardens